Dogs on Beaches in Blackpool

Dogs on Beaches in Blackpool

Blackpool beach is subject to Dog Control Orders – which include rules about when and where you can take your dog throughout the year

This includes when and where you can take your dog on the beach, and where they should be on a lead.

Standard signage can be found on bathing beaches in Blackpool, as it can on other beaches not just here on the Fylde Coast but all around the UK. 

Dogs aren’t allowed on Blackpool beach between 1st May and 30th September, each year.

This is the beach between the southern side of North Pier and Mirror Ball at the Solaris Centre on New South Promenade, plus all the slopes and staircases leading to the beach.

Beach at southern side of Blackpool North Pier
Beach at the south side of Blackpool North Pier

Beach at Mirror Ball at Blackpool New South Promenade
New South Promenade at the Mirror Ball

Owners who take their dogs into these areas will be liable to an on-the-spot fine of up to £100, rising up to £1000 if fined in court.

You can take your dog onto the beach:

– from North Pier to the boundary with Wyre at Cleveleys

– from the Solaris Centre south to the bottom of Squires Gate Lane.

Dogs on Leads on the Promenade

In Blackpool, any dogs on the Promenade area between the road and the beach must be kept on a lead.

The Promenades being defined as being the open areas of land which are from the southern boundary of the Borough in a northerly direction to a point opposite to Shaftesbury Avenue, which lie between the westerly kerb line of the carriageway of the classified road A584 and the beach;

and from Shaftesbury Avenue in a northerly direction to a point opposite to Wilvere Drive, which lie between the easterly fence of the tramway and the beach, including all footpaths, embankments, glades and sea walls

Dogs on Beaches

It’s increasingly common at seaside resorts all over the UK that dogs aren’t allowed on beaches during the summer season. Rules do vary from place to place and it’s usually to do with whether the area is classed as a bathing beach or not.

If the area is classed as a bathing beach it will also be subject to water testing throughout the season, the results of which are used towards the rating of the beach.

The Marine Conservation Society rates bathing waters for the Good Beach Guide, which helps you to find a clean beach around the UK. Keep Britain Tidy rate facilities and the overall environment at beaches around the UK for their Seaside Award, which identifies beaches that are clean, safe, attractive and well managed. Both systems help you to know whether facilities are good and the environment is clean and safe.

A bathing beach is one that’s in a popular area and well used, although there are of course many other miles of beaches which aren’t classified within this system where you might enjoy walking, sports or other beach activities.

Dog fouling is a problem – full stop – but it’s a problem on bathing beaches not only because it’s revolting but because it pollutes the sea water. All around the UK huge amounts of work are being carried out at great effort and expense to clean up our shores and prevent sewage and other types of contamination (for example run-off from farmland etc) from entering the sea water.

It is just as important that you pick up if you are on a beach which isn’t a designated bathing beach or where there aren’t any restrictions on dogs. Please bag it, pick it up and bin it.

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