South Shore: Blackpool

South Shore: Blackpool

Blackpool seafront from Central Pier, heading south to South Pier, the Pleasure Beach and beyond

Have a look at this clip at high tide on a sunny day on Blackpool central promenade.

Central Pier is the one with the huge big wheel.

Blackpool Central Pier and Big Wheel

Central Pier is the one opposite Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE Blackpool where, carrying on south, the seafront shops and attractions of the Golden Mile peter out to seafront hotels and guest houses.

Blackpool Central Promenade

New Sea Defences and Promenade

The seafront at Blackpool has been completely rebuilt in recent years in a £100m project that was fully completed in 2012.

The scheme incorporates Spanish Steps with sections of more traditional sea wall, all designed to sap the energy out of the waves and prevent overtopping.

Sea defences at Blackpool promenade

As you stand against the steps and watch the waves bash into them, you can actually watch their energy being dissipated as they continue to trickle landwards – instead of hitting a sheer sea wall with enough force to come up and over onto the promenade.

Going underneath Central Pier is a new headland which is part of the new sea defence scheme that stretches the full length of Blackpool seafront.

Central Pier Blackpool and the extended headland area
Central Pier at Blackpool and the extended headland area

The sea defences curve outwards underneath Central Pier, reclaiming land and creating new headlands of space which can be used for events and other purposes in time to come.

Grass features on Blackpool promenade

Between the tram tracks and the open pedestrian spaces of the promenade, a grassy strip weaves its way along the seafront, brightening up the promenade and providing places to sit, lie and enjoy the good weather when it appears.

Manchester Square

A little further south past Central Pier you come to Manchester Square, where you’ll find the pub of the same name standing at the junction with Lytham Road which veers left and inland.

Blackpool Illuminations being installed on central promenade
Blackpool Illuminations being installed on Blackpool Central Promenade

As you turn off the promenade to the left of the Manchester along Lytham Road, you’ll notice that the tram tracks also veer left, to the old tram sheds at Rigby Road.

The Blackpool Heritage Trams are kept at Rigby Road and this is where you will see them begin their journeys from.

The new Blackpool trams are kept at the new tram shed at Squires Gate.

United Utilities Pumping station at Blackpool central

At Manchester Square you’ll pass the United Utilities pumping station (above) between the tram tracks and the seawall.

This is where you might remember seeing a windmill which used to house the old pumping station before the sewage system was upgraded. You can just see it in this old photo below. More old Blackpool photos here.

Windmill at the pumping station on Blackpool promenade

Extensive improvement works have also been carried out around the pumping station in recent years, finished off by landscaping works and improvements to the buildings themselves.

Directly underneath here and along the seafront from Blackpool runs a huge mains sewer, deep underground, which carries all the sewage and rainwater of the Fylde Coast to a new, state of the art sewage treatment facility at Fleetwood.

The pumping station building is clad in more modern and subtle green granite-effect tiles, and the surrounding headland areas lawned with grass which goes around the back of the buildings.

South Shore Shopping Area

Waterloo Road (pictured below) is just around the corner from Notariannis Ice Cream Parlour, not far from McDonald’s, before you get to South Pier.

Waterloo Road shopping area, Blackpool

Always popular with locals and tourists, there are shops here for visitors but also local convenience and food stores and indoor markets.

On the promenade are many seafront hotels and guest houses of different sizes, interspaced by some shops, cafes and takeaways – it’s a fascinating mixture of sights, sounds and smells.

Your next stop is South Pier.

South Pier and Pleasure Beach

On your journey southwards along the promenade with the sea on your right, you reach South Pier.

Blackpool South Pier

Next door neighbour to South Pier is the Sancastle Waterpark, with slides and rides whatever the weather!

Find out more about the Sandcastle Waterpark here

Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark

Opposite the Pier and Sandcastle, on your left is Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Promenade looking towards Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Continue along the promenade road and you’ll pass a row of shops painted in different colours, which are part of the Pleasure Beach.

Beyond the Pleasure Beach the seafront changes pace again, giving way to hotels and private accommodation.

Past the Sandcastle, the promenade is wide and flat and includes a public art trail for you to explore.

Continue southwards to Squires Gate and you’ll finally arrive at the end of Blackpool seafront and the new tram sheds at the bottom of Squires Gate Lane. This is where Blackpool meets the boundary of St Annes and Fylde.

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Blackpool Illuminations

Don’t forget that the whole of the promenade at Blackpool comes to life in late summer every year until autumn, with the Blackpool Illuminations.

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South Shore: South Promenade and Squires Gate

The Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Central PromenadeBlackpool Promenade to the south of Central Pier

Looking along the tram tracks to the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool South ShoreLooking along the tram lines to the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool South Shore

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